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How To Make Money Online Flipping Websites

How To Make Money Online Flipping Websites – Website flipping is one of the easiest ways to make money online these days. Smart internet marketers have been using this method to make huge profits online and today I am going to teach you all you need to know to start making money online flipping websites.

There are two ways you can make money online flipping websites. The basic idea of Website flipping is to create a well-established website and sell it for huge profits.

Or you may buy an already established site and resell it for even a higher profit, but this may require a little knowledge of how to buy a cheap website and resell for a higher profit.

If you do not have the patience to build and establish a website for flipping, then you can buy established websites and resell. I will teach you how to do both in this article.

A lot of people are not aware of this method of making money online. A few years ago, I flipped a website for $10,000 and since then I have flipped some more websites.

Should I Build Or Buy A Website For Flipping?

Except you are a web developer, building a website is going to cost you a few bucks to set up. Then you also have to be a good writer to write and populate your new website with fresh and unique contents, else you may also have to outsource your content creation.

Next, you have to be good with SEO to rank your new website which will most likely take some time depending on the niche you are trying to rank your website.

While buying an existing website may cost more, it does offer significant advantages. For one, it already has an established audience. It’s also already indexed within search engines.

The key to buying a “flippable” website is to buy it for less than it’s worth. You can use website brokers to find cheap websites you can flip for a higher profit.

Once you have acquired your desired website, all you have to do it to revamp it and improve on it in any areas you think it is lacking and be ready to sell it for a higher profit.

How To Flip A Website For Higher Profits

The three websites I will recommend to flip your websites on are Flippa, EmpireFlippers, and WeBuyWebsites.

You can as well buy cheap websites from these websites and resell on them. Flippa and WeBuyWebsites are great sources for cheap websites. You can buy cheap websites here and resell them for a higher profit at EmpireFlippers.

Once your website has a good amount of organic traffic, engagement, and financial potentials, then it’s time to auction it.

Buyers will look at your website stats, ensure to write a powerful description for your website highlighting its page views, unique visitors, gross revenue and net profit while listing your websites for sale.

Ensure the information you are adding while listing your website for sale can be verified.


Flipping website is not an easy task for the beginners, but it is more easy for the experienced persons. You definitely need to work smartly & creatively here. You have to spend your valuable time.

Don’t forget to share your views about Flipping Websites!! What do you think about this way of earning money online??

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