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Make Money Online With Perk

Earning some, extra cash sounds cool, right? We discussed how you can make money online with Teespring, UserTesting, Teachable, and Leapforce.  But I will be taking you today, on how to earn cash on Perk.

Perk is a multi-award-winning application that allows you to earn points by performing different tasks and bids. You can earn points for almost everything. Users win most of their points by watching the trailer of favorite movies and videos.

How You Can Make Money Online With Perk

Make Money Online With Perk

You can earn points by downloading one of the following Perk apps. What’s Better!

TV – You can earn 4 points per video. There are two categories: trailers of popular movies and videos. Videos typically range from 50 seconds to 2 minutes. You can also win 50 tokens each time the video ends with your thumb up or down. (Tokens will be useful for dolls, Perk Prize Mob application and Perk Scratch & Win application).

Pop Quiz – You can earn up to 5 points per quiz, depending on the number of questions that you answered correctly. There are 5 questions per questionnaire. The Perk Pop Quiz application has several categories you can choose, including Disney, Math, Science, Music, Sports and Brain Challenge, for a few.

Search-This application allows you to earn points for searching words or phrases.

Browser: This app allows you to earn points using your search engine.

Scratch & Win: Use the TV apps and the Pop Quiz applet to get more chips and scratch pads.

Wallet: This application stores your benefits and lets you see a few rewards available to you for your exchange.

Prize Mob-This application allows you to bid on gift cards, points, and prices by tokens.

Earning on this platform depends on the more you use the app, and you are most likely to earn $10-$100 monthly. Meanwhile, you get 500 points for every qualified referral you make when they redeem their first reward.

Want to join Perk? Click here to register.

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