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How To Make Money Online With Videos

In this era of smartphones, taking videos is as simple as tapping few buttons and recording through the high definition cameras mounted on mobile phones these days.

But what most people do not know is that you can actually be able to make money online with videos recorded from your mobile phones.

The most popular ways people make money online with videos are the Youtube Partner Program and the DailyMotion partner program.

But in the course of this article titled “How To Make Money Online With Videos“, I will shade light on other genuine ways one can make money online with videos.

Apart from being able to record a video through a digital camera or even mobile phones, other ways one can make high-quality videos include the use of online video creator, YouTube creator tools, turn a slideshow into videos, or use video editing software such as Explaindio and Animoto.

Ways To Make Money Online With Videos

1. YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube partner program is a video advertisement program owned by Google the owners of the most popular video website Youtube.

This program allows people to earn money with videos they uploaded on Youtube through ads placed on their videos.

When you make videos and upload them to Youtube, ads will be shown on the videos when people watch it online. Revenues are generated through this and a lot of people have been making thousands of Dollars monthly with their videos monetized on Youtube.

2. DailyMotion Partner Program

This is yet another way of making money online with videos. DailyMotion is a video-sharing site that allows people to earn money through their videos uploaded to it.

Just as YouTube Partner Program above, DailyMotion Partner Program allows you to monetize your videos and earn money when ads are shown on them as people watch them online.

Other Ways You Can Make Money Online With Videos

3. AdSense for Video

Apart from the Youtube Partner Program owned by Google, Google has another product that can help you earn money online with videos. It is called the Adsense For Video.

AdSense for video allows you to monetize your web and native app-based video content. So if you have videos hosted on your own server, you can still be able to monetize them using the Adsense for video and make money from it.

4. Sell Videos Online

This is yet another means of making money online with videos.

DepositPhotos: People have known to sell photos on DepositPhotos but not many people know you can also sell videos here.

Stock Videos are videos that are about 60 sec made for commercial purposes. These videos are sold on photo stock websites for commercial purposes. Usually, they are used on TV, Internet advertising, or for interface design.

This is one of the easiest methods of making money online with videos. You can sell videos of anything here, be it time out with your girls or boys, video of you getting a haircut, or even videos of you on a date etc.

Shopify: We all know Shopify as an online store but not many people know you ca actually sell videos on Shopify.

Shopify gives you an efficient and effective system to start selling your videos online in just minutes. No hassles, no complications.



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